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Removing bulk trash is quite a difficult task for the inexperienced. This waste is heavy and difficult to handle, and there is a significant lack of donation or reuse outlets.

Herlich Hauling and Transport LLC is a bulk trash removal service with years of experience. We specialize in the removal of waste materials like general bulky waste and hazardous and electronic waste. We offer our clients in greater Baltimore and surrounding areas numerous removal services, including:

  • general house trash disposal
  • removal of bed frames, mattresses, home furniture, and lawn furniture
  • displacement of lawn and exercise equipment
  • removal of electronic wastes like batteries, entertainment centres, and TVs
  • removal of hazardous wastes
  • removal of hefty materials like piano, countertops, cabinets, toilets, hot tubs, and water heaters
  • removal of post-construction and home remodelling rubble
  • removal of landscape and masonry debris
  • removal of recyclable materials.

All our bulk removal services are available to our clients at competitive quotes. We also have excellent customer service where you can submit all your queries, and we will answer them promptly.

Bulk Removal
Bulk Removal

Reasons to hire Herlich Hauling and Transport Bulk Removals services

Removing bulk trash is difficult, even for the most enthusiastic DIYer. Therefore, hiring a skilled and experienced agency like Herlich Hauling and Transport is advisable for all your bulk removals. Hiring our services gives you numerous benefits, including:


A skilled staff such as ours is prepared to handle objects that can be hazardous. However, several things in your garbage disposal may pose dangers when mishandling. Due to the importance of using caution when managing trash, you should always hire an expert removal service like Herlich Hauling and Transport to handle your bulk removals.

Saves time

Suppose your goal is to increase the value of your property. In that case, you should not put off renovations or take any chances with their completion. However, these issues may arise if your collected trash is not promptly removed. Therefore, hiring professionals like Herlich Hauling and Transport should be your plan A. Not doing this can bring you unneeded worry. It is even more true when a mountain of junk is waiting to be removed in your backyard during renovations. By hiring Herlich Hauling and Transport, you can rest assured that all the bulk removals will be completed efficiently and quickly.


Attempting to remove bulk trash alone may cost more than you anticipate, especially if you are doing it for the first time. We at Herlich Hauling and Transport offer our clients expert bulk removals at reasonable prices with no hidden or extra costs.

Efficient waste disposal

It is essential to keep in mind that disposing of your bulk trash responsibly is a crucial part of being environmentally and socially responsible. You can collect and recycle a wide variety of waste. The only deciding factor is that you should know how to handle it appropriately. It is where Herlich Hauling and Transport comes into the picture. We have years of experience handling bulk trash that we can recycle. We will make sure that all your recyclable waste is reused. Furthermore, we ensure that the ones we cannot reuse are disposed of safely.

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