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Demolition services are responsible for removing houses, buildings, and other structures from a site. They also remove obstructions like large trees whenever construction, renovation, or expansion occurs. The demolition service is also responsible for clearing the location of all the waste and debris accumulated after the demolition.

We offer demolition services to clients living in greater Baltimore and surrounding areas. The different demolition services provided by us include:

  • Demolition of decks, trampolines, sheds, and garages
  • Demolition of partial walls, masonry walls, and interior drywall
  • Destruction of entire structures and buildings
  • Concrete and tile demolition
  • Lath demolition
  • Dirt excavation
  • Tree and fencing removal.

Our demolition services are available to our clients at competitive quotes. We also have excellent customer service where you can submit all your queries related to demolition, and we will answer them promptly.

Reasons to hire Herlich Hauling and Transport for demolition services

When remodelling a landscape or building a new house, demolition work is frequently done to remove specific obstructions on the site. Demolition is typically not a task you can perform by yourself, and the decision to engage demolition contractors often depends on the size of the project. There are numerous benefits to hiring a skilled agency for your demolition projects, including:

Property Protection

Our team of experts will ensure to follow rigorous boundary guidelines and prevent causing any harm to areas of the premises that are not being demolished. Our skilled crew is vigilant about sketching the essential boundary points and avoiding intrusion on adjoining properties.

Adherence to safety standards and rules

Demolition is a tough job that carries a significant level of risk. If you are inexperienced and are trying to perform demolition for the first time, the chances of getting a severe injury increase several folds. Our skilled demolition team is experienced in preventing accidents and making the process safer for everyone involved. The qualified demolition crew at Herlich Hauling and Transport will adhere to safety regulations and give you the required assurance.

Efficient and quicker operation

It is risky to attempt to handle a demolition project independently, and you might not have suitable instruments on hand. It is challenging to try to take on a demolition project on your own, and you might not even have the appropriate tools on hand. On the contrary, a qualified demolition service company will be equipped with the powerful machinery needed to perform minor and big-scale demolition works. Superior quality equipment will help the project move along more quickly, completing the work in days instead of weeks. The task will be conducted more efficiently, saving you significant money and time.

Waste disposal

Proper management of waste and rubble is an essential step after demolishing. Our experienced crew is aware of how to handle each waste type. Wood and metal fragments are two examples of materials that can be recycled or reused. However, some hazardous materials, such as asbestos, must be handled carefully. Because of this, we take it to certified waste management facilities for disposal, ensuring everyone’s safety.

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